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We are a mobile internet company based in Silicon Valley, CA. We create personalized emojis and personalized GIFs that allow users to better express themselves in social platforms. We enable users to make personalized and animated emojis to effectively and uniquely express themselves in an easy and quick way.

Breakthrough technology

Pioneering personalized face to emoji and animation technology.

Skills abound

Picartio's core team is a talented group and we are growing our team to get to the forefront of the market.

Personal expression is our passion

Personalized emojis and GIFs which allows users to better express themselves and further enjoy social media.

Interdisciplinary team

Small team with many talents and skills

Our Technology
Personalization & Animation

Picartio endeavors to create personalized emojis and personalized GIFs that allow users to better express themselves in social media platforms.

While our work is all about having fun, being expressive and personalizing content. We want our technology to work for everyone.

User expression


Emoji and GIF design


Ease of use




Our Founding Team

Interdisciplinary team with drive and ambition. Designing, developing and innovating since the start.

Yan Sun
CEO & Founder

Interests include sports, traveling, family and home improvement

Ramakrishna Kakarala
President & Founder

Interests include cartoons, cycling, food, and beer

Yao Yu
Product Developer

Interests include traveling, family, tennis, and the outdoors

Andrew Edson
Director of Operations

Interests include traveling, fantasy football, skiing and his dog

Join Our Team

Picartio Inc. has developed a beta app that makes use of next generation face to emoji tech that have surprised a lot of people.

AMITBT, Fiverr.com

Now I can make emojis with my face, how cool is that?

ZachByTheSea, Itunes

The app highlights spectacular features making it different from other previous apps found on iOS.

AMITBT, Fiverr.com


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Services & Mobile Apps

A highly innovative and personalized expression

Personalized Emoji
Expressing Myself

Personalized emoji powered by Picartio app.

Personalized GIF
Fun Expression

Personalized GIF powered by Picartio app.

Greeting Card
Make Someone Smile

Personalized greeting cards available in app.

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